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How to Install a Submersible Pond Pump

A submersible pond pump is used in ponds and fountains to move water, either over a waterfall or through a fountain. Different from a sump pump, they are made to run 24 hours daily, 7 days a week, thus enabling you to enjoy your pond at any hour. Pumps are rated in gallons per hour (GPH) pumped, and are available in models ranging from 70 GPH for a tiny indoor fountain to 6000 GPH for a huge outdoor waterfall. These pumps provide oxygen for fish, and often pull water through a filter and up and over a waterfall, making wonderful water sounds that relax us and add drama to the garden.

  1. Place your pump up off the bottom of the pond. If the pump sucks in pond debris, it can make it run slower and eventually shorten the pump's life. Place the pump on a cinder block or stack of rocks to keep it off the pond bottom.

  2. Attach a piece of flexible tubing to the output of the pump.

  3. A soothing pond waterfall.
  4. Clamp the hose firmly on the pump using the hose clamp.

  5. Attach the pump to the under part of a fountain or run it up and over a waterfall.