How to Construct an Addition Onto a Mobile Home

Dorian Gray

Mobile homes are appealing because they are so affordable and easily moved. However, there are times in life when families realize they need more space than their existing mobile home can provide. Addition types may include porches, an extra bedroom or an expanded living space.

Mobile home with porch addition

It is possible to construct an addition onto a mobile home, but you must first complete the proper research, and plan your project in a way that is safe, stable and legal.

  1. Confirm with the owner of your mobile home park that you can add on to the structure you own. The owner may have regulations against this. If you own your own property, verify that you have the space to expand and that there aren't any lot-line setbacks that might prohibit you from building onto your mobile home.

  2. Obtain permits from your local building department. Undertaking almost any construction project requires that you file with building officials and receive approval before you can begin work.

  3. Confirm that your mobile home's structure can support the added weight and pressure from an addition. Call in a mobile home expert to ensure that you don't damage your existing mobile home, or in the worst case, cause it to collapse.

  4. Extend the foundation to support the new addition. Most mobile homes rest on concrete block footings, which can prove challenging of not impossible to add on to. Ideally, these footings should extend below the frost line so that the existing portion and new addition don't settle at different rates. If your mobile home rests on a traditional concrete slab, the process is less complicated, as it is possible to pour another section of slab on which to build your addition.

  5. Match the materials of the addition to your existing mobile home. Select the same siding, roofing and skirting materials so the addition looks continuous. Consider purchasing a turnkey addition, a pre-fabricated unit available from your mobile home maker, in order to get the most continuous effect.

  6. Weatherproof the connection between the new addition and your existing mobile home. Use flashing and caulk to prevent leaks between materials that can infiltrate the space.

  7. Provide heating and cooling by tying into existing ductwork, and if access to water is necessary, extend plumbing lines into the addition. The addition should also be wired to provide lighting and electrical outlets within the space. Confirm that your mobile home's systems can accommodate the added load. Unless you are experienced in these trades, this work is best left to a professional.