How to Make a Reinforced Concrete Beam

Ben Wakeling

Many buildings require steel reinforced concrete beams, designed to withstand the loads imposed by the fabric of the structure, furniture and occupants. In many instances, prestressed concrete is used, which combines high tensile steel with concrete to create an incredibly strong beam.

Reinforced concrete beams are often used in large structures.

This is vital, as using just concrete in a beam means it may bend and deflect, which could result in the concrete breaking. This could result in catastrophic failure of the structure.


All work should be carried out by trained persons.

  1. Fix the rods of steel to the tensile machinery, which will stretch them. Arrange the rods in two layers of an equal number, such as three rods above, three rods beneath.

  2. Build formwork around the steel rods, ensuring that the rods will run through the center of the concrete beam.

  3. Pour concrete into the formwork, ensuring all the steel is covered. Allow the concrete to cure for a few days.

  4. Release the steel rods from the machinery, and transport the beam to the desired location.