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Kubota Tractor Problems

Andrea Stein

Kubota tractors refer to compact tractors designed to deliver high torque at low speeds; they are manufactured by the Kubota Corporation. Kubota tractors can develop problems that can often be resolved through some basic troubleshooting checks.

Kubota compact tractors can develop operational problems that require troubleshooting.

Engine Fails to Crank

If the Kubota tractor engine fails to crank, a dead battery, dirty or corroded battery cables, or bad safety switches may be to blame. The operator should check the battery for a charge and clean or replace dirty or damaged battery cables. Kubota tractor safety switches can be checked for proper voltage with an Ohm meter.

Engine Overheating

If the Kubota tractor engine overheats, reduced radiator air flow may be to blame. Dust or other sediment can block or restrict airflow in the radiator, resulting in heat buildup in the engine. The operator can clear out dust and debris by blowing compressed air through the radiator’s fins.

Engine Dies

A Kubota tractor engine that runs for a short period and then dies can result from gasoline mixing with diesel fuel. The operator can smell the gas tank for indications of gasoline, drain the tank and flush the fuel system to restore proper Kubota tractor engine function.