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Water-Hose-to-Pipe Fittings

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Hose-to-pipe fittings, also called adapters, allow a plumber to connect the threads of a hose spigot or water hose to the threads of standard, National Pipe Thread-type pipes.

Hose-thread to pipe-thread fittings connect the threads of hoses to the threads of NPT pipes.

Difference Between Hose Threads and NPT Threads

Hose threads and NPT threads differ in pitch, or angle, and size. Whereas pipe-thread fittings require a coating of pipe-thread sealant to create a leak-proof joint, hose-thread fittings seal connections with a small rubber washer seated within the interior portion of the fitting, called the "female" side.

Parts of Hose-to-Pipe Fittings

Hose-to-pipe fittings are typically made of PVC. The hose-thread portion of the fitting always has exterior threads, also called "male" threads. The pipe-thread portion of the fitting may have exterior threads or interior threads.

Where to Find the Fittings

The average home improvement store typically stocks several hose-to-pipe fittings, but the fittings are not usually located with the garden hoses; look for hose-to-pipe fittings in the plumbing department alongside PVC irrigation components. Many retailers label hose-to-pipe fittings with "Hose X NPT," wherein the size of the pipe thread precedes the acronym NPT. For example: 1/2-inch NPT. Hose fittings do not vary in size.