How to Get Rid of Cellar Spiders

Cleveland Van Cecil

The cellar spider is identified by its four pairs of long legs, and is commonly mistaken for a "daddy longlegs." Cellar spiders are commonly found in dark places such as cellars, closets and attics. The spiders make a web that does not have a pattern.

Although cellar spiders are not dangerous, their webs can give your home an unpleasant look.

  1. Capture any loose cellar spiders in a glass. Slide a napkin underneath the glass to capture the spider. Release it outside. Don't worry, cellar spiders are not poisonous to humans.

  2. Clean all the spider webs from the walls using a feather duster.

  3. Place a dehumidifier in the room where the cellar spiders are appearing. Lowering the humidity in a room will reduce the likelihood of cellar spiders appearing again.

  4. Replace any white light bulbs in the area with yellow light bulbs. Yellow light is less attractive to cellar spiders, say experts at the Clemson University Extension.

  5. Seal any cracks around windows using caulk. Press a 1/4-inch bead around the window. Caulking cracks helps prevent spiders from getting inside.

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