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How to Get Rid of Spiders in Barns

Audrey Farley

Outdoor spiders tend to peak in population around the early fall. However, spiders that live in basements, attics and barns maintain numbers all year round. Spiders that live in barns may be poisonous or non-poisonous. Even if they are harmless, spiders can be a nuisance. However, there are ways to remove spiders from a barn.

Spider webs are common in barns and outdoor buildings.
  1. Eliminate insects in the barn. Spiders generally reside in locations where food, primarily small insects, is readily available. Spray an insecticide on the corners, entrance ways and other areas where spiders have built webs.

  2. Do not spray the insecticide directly on troughs or areas where animals eat. Remove food, dishes and animals from the barn when spraying. Allow the insecticide a few hours to treat the areas, depending on the instructions on label, before returning animals and items to the barn.

  3. Use an insecticide that indicates on the label that it is safe for the kind of barn you have. Many insecticides are safe for livestock barns, poultry houses and kennels. However, for dairy barns, only use an insecticide for fly control.

  4. Regularly clean and sanitize the barn. Remove webs with a vacuum, broom, dust mop or cloth. Thoroughly search for hiding places in the barnwhere spiders may have built webs, such as corners or crevices out of view. Remove piles of wood, trash and debris from the barn, since these areas are ideal for building webs. Hose the walls and corners of the barn to destroy egg cases that may not be visible.

  5. Replace lights inside and outside the barn with yellow light bulbs or sodium-vapor light bulbs. These light bulbs attract fewer insects, which may help to reduce populations of spiders.