How to Reset an Ademco System Master Security Code When it Is Not Known

An Ademco security system provides protection against home intrusion, but is no more invulnerable to a sudden malfunction than any other piece of electronic equipment. An Ademco system that is sounding a false alarm must be silenced.

Do this from the control panel that monitors and administers all of the system’s components. To reset the Ademco system without knowing the password that disarms the system, discontinue the power to the control panel and use the default code that is built into all of the systems. The Ademco will then return to its normal functioning.

  1. Trip the circuit breaker at the fuse box that supplies the Ademco control box with electricity. Remove the cover from the control box -- if there are screws on the cover, remove the screws with a Phillips screwdriver first. If there is a locking latch, release the padlock on the latch with the padlock key and remove the padlock first.

  2. Loosen the two contact screws on the top of the battery that is inside the control panel. Twist off the wires from around the contact screws.

  3. Have an assistant stand by the fuse box. Wind the wires back around the contact screws after six to eight minutes have passed. Tighten the contact screws. Close the cover and reattach the screws or padlock, depending on what was done before. Have your assistant trip the circuit breaker to restore the electric power to the control panel.

  4. Press the “*” (“Star”) and “#” (“Pound”) keys on the keypad together -- if there is a virtual keypad on the control panel’s LCD screen, press the virtual keys in this fashion instead. Release the keys after five or six seconds have passed.

  5. Immediately key in the installer code. Find this information in the instruction manual that accompanies the system, or acquire it from the off-site monitoring service that is part of the subscription package included with the system.

  6. Key in “97” when a data text field appears. Enter a new master code password in the text field that appears. Navigate back to the home menu. Enter the password to arm the Ademco system.

  7. Warning

    Contact the off-site monitoring station that responds to an Ademco alarm to let them know it was a false alarm.