How to Set a Mouse Trap Without Snapping Your Fingers

Wooden mouse traps are effective weapons against mice that find their way into your home, office or garage. Unfortunately, these low-tech traps are known for accidentally snapping human fingers as the traps are set.

Mouse traps are a danger to pests and human fingers.

Being patient and setting the trap properly ensures that the only thing damaged by the trap is an unwanted, furry pest.

  1. Put the trap onto a table, counter or other flat surface.

  2. Pull the curved end of the center bar off of the U-bar and trap trigger. The center bar is on a hinge, so curl it off to the side.

  3. Place one or two fingers on one side of the back of the trap. Place your thumb on the other. Do not place your fingers or thumb over the top part of the trap at any time. Keep the trap as still as possible throughout the process to avoid accidentally triggering the trap's snapping reflex.

  4. Pull the trap's U-bar all the way to the back of the trap with your other hand. Use a fingernail or thin utensil, such as a knife, if you are unable to grab the bar. Pull the bar back as far as it goes.

  5. Place the curved end of the center bar into its slot on the trigger as you lift the far portion of the trigger slightly. Doing so simultaneously prevents the trap from accidentally snapping.