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How to Make a Trap for Finches

Justin Melick

Finches are a very common species of North American bird. Because of their small size and vibrant coloring, finches are desirable as pets and neighbors. Male finches usually have a bright red or yellow head and belly. Finches are prolific song birds with a pleasing repertoire of songs.

Finch eggs are about the size of a dime.

If there are finches in your area and you would like to catch one for a pet, you can do so with a little patience.

  1. Prepare the trapping ground. Watch your yard to see where the finches gather. Choose a location to set your trap. It should be an open area with trees, bushes or large rocks nearby.

  2. Position your trap. Place the bird cage in the spot you chose. Spread bird seed generously around the cage. Leave the cage there for a day and watch it from a distance to see what time the finches come to eat the seed.

  3. Set your trap. Tie a small stick to the end of a long piece of fishing line. Use the stick to prop open the door of the cage.

  4. Bait the trap. Spread a small amount of bird seed around the cage and put a large pile of it inside the cage.

  5. Spring the trap. Take the end of the fishing line and hide in a place where you can watch the cage without being seen. When one or more finches enter the cage to eat the bird seed, pull firmly on the line. This will yank the stick out, causing the door to close thus trapping the finches inside the cage.