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How to Get a Hummingbird Out of a Garage

Lanh Ma

Hummingbirds sip nectar from flowers, but the pursuit of that nourishment can lead to them getting stuck in garages. Hummingbirds mistake the emergency red release handles in many garages for trumpet vines. They fly into the garage and are unable to find their way out. This can be a dangerous situation as the birds can injure themselves banging on the walls and roof of the garage. If you notice a hummingbird in your garage, act quickly to get it outdoors.

Darkening the Garage

  1. Close the garage door and turn on the interior light.

  2. Wait until the hummingbird flies over a bare patch in the garage.

  3. Turn off the interior light. Hummingbirds do not like flying in the dark and will flutter to the ground.

  4. Turn on the flashlight and locate the hummingbird.

  5. Use both hands to cup the hummingbird securely. Walk outside and open your hands, still supporting the hummingbird. It may fly away immediately or it may need a few moments to gather itself.

Hummingbird Feeder

  1. Open the main garage door.

  2. Hang or set up a hummingbird feeder in a spot visible from the garage door.

  3. Wait for the hummingbird to notice the feeder. This should not take long as a hummingbird trapped in a garage for even a few hours will be hungry.

  4. Close the garage door when the hummingbird flies out.