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How to Bondo a Bullet Hole

Aminah Paden

Bondo is a brand of body filler used to repair damaged automobiles. The word "Bondo" is also often used generically to reference any variety of body filler. It is generally used when repairing sheet metal and is designed to even out areas on a body panel of a car prior to priming and painting.

Use spring steel to even out the Bondo filler until it matches the car panel's surface.

It can also be used to fill a hole in the sheet metal, such as a bullet hole or other puncture.

  1. Prep the surface with a Scotch-brite pad or 220-grit sandpaper. Scuff the area around the bullet hole and blow off sanding dust.

  2. Mix the Bondo. Follow the kit instructions to mix the hardener with the filler. Stir it until it reaches a uniform color.

  3. Use a plastic squeegee to apply the Bondo mixture to the bullet hole. Even out the surface with spring steel and remove excess filler.

  4. Use the sun or a heat lamp to harden the filler on the car panel. Allow the mixture to harden for 10 to15 minutes. Sand over the area after the filler has hardened.

  5. Check for high and low spots in the hardened filler while sanding. Mix and apply additional Bondo filler, if necessary.

  6. Tip

    Spray high-build filler primer on the hardened Bondo filler to fill in fine scratches left by the sanding process.