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How to Fix a Cracked Metal Table Leg

Mariah Elaine

Though welding is a common method used for repairing damage to metal, you can make a strong repair using a cold-weld compound. This inexpensive material is convenient to use, safe and long-lasting. You can repair a crack in many types of metal, such as iron, steel, copper and aluminum in a few minutes. Like metal, cold-welds can be painted to match the surrounding surface. The material is pliable for a short while, allowing you to mold it into shape before it eventually dries to a consistency as hard as steel. Your repair will withstand high temperatures and hold up to heavy use without the need of a traditional welder.

  1. Squeeze out equal amounts of material from each of the two tubes included in the package onto a clean work surface. Mix the portions together thoroughly, using a disposable paint stirrer or wooden dowel.

  2. Clean the area of the crack thoroughly with household cleaner and and allow it to dry. Remove any paint, primer or rust with coarse grit sandpaper.

  3. Roughen the surface to be welded, using the fine grit sandpaper.

  4. Apply a bead of the weld along the length of the crack, using a putty knife or wooden dowel. Fill the area completely and lightly smooth the surface.

    Remove any excess material around the repair site with a rag.

  5. Allow the cold-weld to cure for 4 to 6 hours, and then use fine sandpaper to sand the compound smooth and even with the surrounding area.

    Wipe away any loose material with a clean rag.

  6. Allow the cold-weld compound to dry completely overnight and apply a coat of paint to blend the repair with the surrounding surface.