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How to Remove a Mothball Smell From a Fur Coat

Constance Barker

Mothballs are used to provide protection against a moth infestation in fur coats. But the pesticide smell may linger in the outerwear after it settles deep inside the fur. Although baking soda or talcum powder normally absorb odors, placing these substances on the coat may damage the fur.

Remove mothball smell from a fur coat with fresh air.

Simple yet effective techniques can rid your fur coat of the mothball odor.

  1. Place an outdoor table in direct sunlight. Lay a clean sheet across the table.

  2. Lay the fur coat right-side up. Leave it in the sunlight for two hours. Turn over the coat, and leave it for another two hours. The sunlight destroys the mothball odor.

  3. Place a clean towel over a clothesline or a drying rack placed outside. Position the fur coat over the clothesline or drying rack, and leave it there for the rest of the day. The circulation of air removes any leftover mothball odor from the coat.

  4. Tip

    If the mothball smell remains on the interior of the fur coat, turn it inside out and place it in the sunlight again -- in the same manner as described in Step 2. Choose a sunny and breezy day to air out your coat. Take the coat to a dry cleaner if you cannot remove the mothball odor yourself.