How to Make the Glue Strip Sticky Again on Allure Flooring

Charlotte Johnson

Allure flooring is a plank-style flooring that is available in a variety of shades and finishes. One of the selling factors of Allure flooring is its "grip strip." This strip is an adhesive area on the underside of each plank.

Allure flooring is designed for indoor use.

Installing Allure flooring is an easy process compared to many types of flooring since you can simply press the planks into place. However, the glue strip on the underside of Allure flooring planks may lose its stickiness due to factors such as extremely cold temperatures. If this happens, you can make Allure grip strips sticky again one of two ways.

Heat Method

  1. Hold a hair dryer approximately 8 inches from the glue strip. Direct the nozzle of the dryer toward the strip.

  2. Apply heat from the hair dryer for about 5 to 10 seconds. The heat will often re-activate the grip strip's adhesive quality.

  3. Place the plank in its position in the floor.

  4. Press the plank down to set it into place.

  5. Walk on top of the plank to finish sealing the glue strip.

Repair Adhesive Method

  1. Squirt several drops of Allure Repair Adhesive along the glue strip.

  2. Press the plank into its position on the floor.

  3. Walk on top of the plank to finalize the sealing process.