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How to Troubleshoot a Clearstream Aerator

Meredith Jameson

The Clearstream aerator is part of the Clearstream company’s overall wastewater system, which converts sewage into a clear water that does not have an odor. This system is available for both commercial and residential use.

The sewage flows into an aeration system chamber and is mixed with oxygen, which creates an aerobic environment that allows tiny organisms that decompose the sewage to thrive. The sewage decomposes into sludge which is then displaced into a clarifier chamber. The solid matter settles back into the aeration chamber to continue to decompose while the water is moved out of the pipe.

  1. Look or listen to see if the Clearwater water system control panel is buzzing or the alarm lights are illuminated, which indicates that a problem has occurred.

  2. Locate the reset push button on the control panel to see if the button has popped out. If it has, the breaker may have thrown and you might need to switch it on again. You can also remove the bolts with a screwdriver and open the access door on the treatment unit if the reset button has popped out to see if the water level is too high.

  3. Smell the liquid inside the tank, which should smell slightly sweet and/or musty if the aerator is working correctly. If the liquid smells bad or like rotten eggs, the aerator is not working correctly.

  4. Inspect the color of the liquid inside the tank, which should be brown in color. If the liquid is black or grey, the aerator is not working correctly. There should not be very many solids floating in the tank.

  5. Close the access panel door and fasten the bolts firmly if the reset button has not popped, the water level is low and the liquid does not smell bad and is brown in color, as the system is working correctly.

  6. Contact Clearwater for assistance if any of the visual or smell inspections fail, as the system should be professionally serviced. The aerator may need to be repaired or replaced, or the filters may need to be cleaned.