How to Install Lattice on a Ceiling

Tom Ross

Decorate your ceiling to give the room a new attractive look. Lower high ceilings to give rooms a cozier and more comfortable atmosphere. Using lightweight lattice board makes it possible to complete the project quickly with less expense and without major construction.

Rooms with high ceilings adopt a warmer, cozier atmosphere with suspended lattice ceilings.

The original ceiling is simple to restore to first-rate condition if it becomes necessary to remove the suspended ceiling. You do not need carpentry experience to install the ceiling lattice board. Exercise diligence in making the detailed measurements required to hang the lattice boards properly.

  1. Measure the width and length of the room’s ceiling leaving 1/2-inch clearance on each wall. Full sheets of lattice are 4-foot wide by 8-foot long. Divide the length of the room by 8-foot to figure how many sheets are needed in that direction. Divide the width of the room by 4-foot to determine the number of lattice sheets required. Cut full lattice boards to fit when less than one board is needed to complete the ceiling.

  2. Use two 2-by-2-inch-by-8-foot boards, 16 size 4d nails, and eight stainless steel hanger hooks for each lattice board. Measure the length of the chains needed to suspend the first lattice board from the ceiling. Use four chains per lattice board.

  3. Cut 4-by-8-foot sheets of high-quality lattice board with a circular saw as necessary to fit the ceiling from wall to wall with a clearance of 1/2-inch on each wall. Carefully sand the edges of sawed lattice board.

  4. Attach 2-by-2-inch boards along the edge of the longest sides of the lattice boards. Hammer a size 4d finishing nail every foot through the lattice board into the 2-by-2-inch boards.

  5. Turn the lattice boards over, drill 1/8-inch pilot holes and screw heavy-duty stainless steel hanger hooks every four feet into and along the length of the 2-by-2-inch boards. Make certain the shank of the hanger hooks is at least two times the diameter of the pilot hole.

  6. Place a section of lattice board against the ceiling and approximately 1/2-inch from the wall. Tilt the edge of the board nearest to you toward the floor and reach over to mark the ceiling where the hanger hooks make contact. Place the lattice board back up against the ceiling and mark the contact spots of the hanger hooks on the near side.

  7. Continue marking the contact spots of the hanger hooks by positioning the lattice boards side-by-side to cover the ceiling.

  8. Drill a pilot hole on each contact point with a 1/8-inch drill bit. Screw in a heavy-duty stainless steel hanger hooks that are at least two times the diameter of the pilot holes.

  9. Determine the distance you want the lattice board to hang from the ceiling. Cut enough lengths of strong chain to accommodate every hanger hook. Make certain each chain is the same length.

  10. Hang a length of chain from each hanger hook in the ceiling. Position a section of lattice board underneath the ceiling and loop the hanging end of the chain over the hanger hook in the lattice board. Continue hanging the lattice board in this fashion until the ceiling is covered with lattice board.


Paint or stain the lattice board to match the room before suspending it from the ceiling. Create an interesting ceiling design by framing in the outside edges of the lattice boards by nailing wall board molding around the perimeter.


Lattice board splits apart when it is improperly handled. Do not use force when nailing the board to the 2-by-2-inch support boards.