DIY Potato Stamped Tablecloth

Make your own printed tablecloth with a DIY potato stamp. With a few simple ingredients, you can have your own custom tablecloth.

You don't need to shell out a lot of money for a great tablecloth when you can easily make one yourself. Using simple and affordable materials, you can easily create a unique and modern tablecloth that rivals those found at high-end home goods stores. Base your design off of one of your favorite prints or come up with your own! I created a simple, organic pattern that was easy to make with the shape of the potato. With a few simple materials and a couple of hours, you can have your own custom-print tablecloth. It's even washable, so feel free to use it at all your gatherings, indoor or outdoor. Get creative and make your own pattern — sky's the limit!


Hem the edges of the drop cloth or tablecloth with no-sew adhesive or sewing machine, if desired.

    Prepare the Potato

  1. Cut the potato in half, and make sure the cut is flat to ensure even coverage when stamping. Also, leave plenty of potato to grab as you stamp. If desired, cut a small indentation on the top to make it easier to grab.

  2. Create the Stamp

  3. Decide on the shape of your stencil and trim the potato to size. I chose a very simple shape — rounded at the top and indented at the bottom. I cut about five potatoes into random sizes — some wider and some taller — for variety.

  4. Prepare Paint

  5. Add fabric medium to water-based paint (craft acrylic or latex will work) following the instructions for the ratio, and mix to combine. This will make your tablecloth washable.

  6. Apply Paint to Stamp

  7. Using a foam brush, apply a small amount of paint to the stamp. If you use too much paint it will look sloppy, better to have too little than too much. I like to apply to one side and swipe across — this gives a subtle ombre effect.

  8. Stamp the Tablecloth

  9. Once the paint has been applied to the stamp, firmly and evenly press the stamp down on the tablecloth. Create loose rows by moving horizontally across the tablecloth alternating stamps.

  10. Moving down the row, stamp the potato

    Set the Paint

  11. When the paint is dry, make the tablecloth washable by heat setting the paint. On the dry setting, iron the entire tablecloth with a scrap piece of fabric between the iron and tablecloth.

  12. Once done, your tablecloth is ready to use.

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