How to Create a Door out of Plywood

Stephanie Daniels

Whether you are building a tree house, a shed or closing off a storage area in your garage, every building needs a door to give the project a completed look and to keep unwanted elements out. Regardless of the door you will be constructing, the general framework is the same.

Create a plywood door that can be used for many exterior buildings.

As with any do-it-yourself project, it is important to have the correct tools and take precautionary measures to prevent injury.

  1. Measure the inside of the door framing where the door will be hung using a measuring tape. Subtract 1/2 inch from the width and the height measurement. This will allow the door to close inside the framing.

  2. Transfer your measurements to the plywood and mark the plywood using a pencil.

  3. Place a chalk line string on the marks of the plywood and pull it tight. Snap the chalk line to create a visible line, outlining the entire size of your door. If the door is small, you may use a piece of the 1-by-4-inch lumber to mark a straight line.

  4. Cut out the dimensions of your door using a circular saw. Wear safety goggles when cutting to protect your eyes. Lightly sand the edges.

  5. Frame your door using 1-by-4-inch lumber. Place a section of the boards along all edges of the plywood as if making a frame. Secure the lumber with 1 ½-inch screws using a cordless screwdriver. Ensure the edges of the lumber and the door are perfectly aligned. Cut a piece of lumber the width of the inside framing and secure it in the middle of the door separating the door into two sections. Turn the door over and repeat this step on the other side of the door sandwiching the plywood between the 1-by-4-inch lumber framing.

  6. Paint or stain the door if desired.

  7. Attach the hinges. Measure down 6 inches from the top of the door and mark a small line. Measure up 6 inches from the bottom and mark a small line. Attach the hinges to the framing using a cordless screwdriver and the coordinating hinge hardware. If making a small door, adjust the placement of the hinges accordingly. If making a large door, an additional hinge placed in the middle may be necessary. Ensure that your hinges are appropriate for the weight they will be supporting. Larger doors need large hinges and small doors need small hinges.

  8. Hang the door. Enlist the help of someone to assist you in holding the door in place while you secure the hinges to the door framing.

  9. Attach the door handles. Attach the handles using a cordless screwdriver and coordinating hardware enclosed with the handles.

  10. Open and close your door to ensure that it swings without rubbing the framing. If there is rubbing, make minor adjustments as needed until the door opens and closes freely.