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How to Make My Front Door Look Bigger

Kate McFarlin

If you have a small front door, the only option to make it bigger is to reframe the entire space and create a new opening. This can be a costly and difficult procedure. However, with accessories and the right colors of paint, you can make a small front door look bigger.

Paint color choices can make a front door look small or large.

In doing so, you will increase the curb appeal of your house and make your front door look more inviting to guests.

  1. Paint the front door a light color. Light colors make an area look larger than it is, while dark colors will close in an area. White works best for making a door look bigger, but you can also use ivory or a light pastel color for the same effect. If your door is metal, use a paint intended for metal, because regular latex paint may peel and crack.

  2. Place two small flower pots on either side of the front door, and choose flowers or plants that do not grow past 10 inches in height. Do not use large pots, because this will accentuate the narrowness of the door.

  3. Lay a small entry rug in front of the door. Again, the idea is to use small accessories to make the door look larger than it is. The entry rug should be smaller in width than the door by at least a few inches on either side. This creates a visual impression that tricks the eye into thinking the door is bigger.

  4. Reduce the appearance of any large architectural elements by the door. Any large posts, railings, or columns near the door will dwarf it and make it look small by comparison. Paint these elements with a dark color to make them appear smaller and shift the focus to the door.