How do I Install a Comfort-Bilt Storm Door?

Alexander Callos

Comfort Bilt storm doors come in vinyl and wood. They feature a durable aluminum frame, a security lock handle, and depending on the model, single or double glass panels. These doors are full length glass, but have the option of changing out the glass with a screen in the summer time.

They feature an unobstructed view and can add value to any home. Installing Comfort Bilt storm doors is similar to installing most other storm doors.

  1. Measure the size of the opening to figure out what size door will be needed. These storm doors can adjust up and down, but only by about 1 inch, so the measurement must be correct. Most front doors will measure around 36 inches by 80 inches.

  2. Decide which side the hinges will go on. These doors are reversible and can be hinged on either side. Drill the hinges to the door frame. Pre-drill the holes before putting the screws in. Firmly attach the hinge plate to the door at every hole in the hinge.

  3. Attach the door to the jamb. Line up the top hinge and mark where it will go. Pre-drill a hole there and do the same for the bottom hinge. Set the entire door and hinge plate up with the pre-drilled holes and drill in a screw in each of the two holes. Once the door can hang on its own, drill in a few more screws on the inside frame, making sure to always pre-drill. Shut the door and do the same for the exterior of the frame.

  4. Attach the latch plate on the other side of the jamb. Pre-drill in the provided spots. Install the drip cap above the door. Screw it to the top of the jamb in the three screw holes.

  5. Drill the holes for the door handle with the template drill bit provided. Attach the handle set and lock set with a screwdriver, using the screws and handle that are provided in the package. Slide the door sweep over the bottom of the door and attach it with three screws. Trim the rubber sweep if there is excess material. Allow 1/8 inch of overhang on the sides. Close the door to make sure everything is plumb and square.