How to Make Your Furniture More Comfortable

Everyone loves to sit on the couch and watch a good movie or lay down and take a nap. Whnen you have a worn out couch that needs some comfort restored or even newer furniture that just needs some spiffing up, it can be done simply!

Make Your Furniture More Comfortable


Keep a pillow at each end of your couch. This is usually enough to add together when necessary but will still leave space. Keep a blanket on the back of the couch for cold days. It will be closeby but not take up much space for storing. If you choose to redo the upholstery your furniture, make sure to choose a sturdy material that will not wear out quickly.

  1. If your couch makes you feel like you are being enveloped into it, there is a simple solution. First, measure the length of the couch within the arms of it. Then remove the seat cushions and measure how deep the couch is from an inch inside the edge until the pack cushion. Find a board 1/2" or thicker that fits these measurements. If the board does not fit the measurements, you can have someone cut it for you. If you do not know anyone who does not have the proper tools, you can take the board into a local lumber store that may cut it for free or very cheap. Place the board under the seat cushion then put the seat cushion back on. If you use plywood or a wood that will splinter, you may want to use a staple gun to put cloth around the wood to prevent splinters from going into the seat cushions. Voila! Your seat should be firmer and you will no longer sink into the depths of the couch!

  2. Sometimes your furniture may seem uncomfortable because it is too cluttered. When you cannot stretch out fully or feel like you have things crowding you, you need to clean off your couch. The crowding may even be caused by too many pillows. Take everything off of your couch and place only pillows on it. Sit down and see if it feels more comfortable that way. Sometimes feeling crowded can make you feel less comfortable.

  3. On the other hand, you may not have enough pillows on your couch. If you feel like being cozy and wrapped up in a blanket and pillows, feel free to keep some nearby to put on the couch when you want to feel more comfortable. Put a movie in and you will be set for the afternoon or evening!

  4. If you have older furniture or a couch that is uncomfortable because of the material, you can have it reupholstered. You can pick out upholstery material to have it redone with. When you choose to reupholster your furniture, you do not have to buy new furniture - you simply pay someone to remove the old material and sew the new material on. If you know someone who knows how to do this, you can even have it done for only the price of the material!