Birch vs. Oak for Furniture

Ted Marten

Wood furniture comes in a variety of colors and density and is commonly used to make furniture. Oak and birch woods are often used to make bedroom sets, cabinets, desks and dining sets. Each type of wood comes with certain advantages and considerations that need to be thought out before purchasing a piece of furniture.

Antique furniture is often made of oak wood.

Oak Furniture Advantages

Oak furniture is easy to maintain. It does, however, require proper care and polishing every few months. This type of wood is also resistant to fungi, which means the furniture can be kept both indoors or outdoors. Antique furniture is often made of oak because of its durability and will not need to be replaced unless someone wants to change the style or decor of a room.

Oak Considerations

Oak is very heavy, and furniture made of this wood may be difficult to move. For example, a solid oak desk may require several movers to take it from one place to another. Placing oak furniture on heated floors may damage the wood, and like any other wooden material, drinks may leave rings and any spills need to be wiped up immediately.

Birch Furniture Advantages

Birch wood features an aesthetic grain that makes it desirable for woodworkers. Birch furniture stains and finishes well and comes in many different styles. The wood is strong, rot resistant and free of knots. While oak furniture may have a more traditional look, while birch furniture is more modern and has a contemporary look.

Birch Furniture Considerations

Birch wood is ideal for indoor furniture, but it should not be kept outside. This wood has a tendency to attract moisture and will become damaged from rain and snow. In addition, insects are attracted to this type of wood and can cause the furniture to become damaged.