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What Is Aspen Wood Used For?

Monty Dayton
Table of Contents

Aspen is a poplar tree that has a variety of uses. Although not considered a good pulp or lumber wood, aspens have qualities that put them in high demand for certain goods and uses.

Historical Aspen Uses

Some Native American tribes often used the bark of aspens and other poplar trees for medicinal purposes. Bark was made into a bitter tea to help treat swollen joints and urinary tract infections, and to purge the body.


The most common use for aspen wood is for matchsticks. Aspen wood is soft but strong and resistant to flame compared with other wood, making it ideal for use in making matches.

Cheap Furniture

Aspen rarely used for furniture, but sometimes, for cheap furniture that won't get a lot of wear or abuse, aspen is used to keep costs down.

Animal Bedding

Aspen wood chips often are used for animal bedding because this poplar lacks chemicals other woods have that cause respiratory problems in animals.

Sauna Construction

When heat-treated properly, aspen can be a good, inexpensive choice for the interior of a sauna.

Replaceable Fencing

Aspen often is inexpensive, so it can be used to make cheap fencing, such as snow fences.