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How to Replace a Toro Lawn Tractor Drive Belt

Alexander Poirier

To maintain a properly working vehicle, the vehicle's belts should be checked and changed whenever any sign of wear is present. The Toro lawn tractor, though not a traditional vehicle, is no exception to this rule and should have its drive belt changed if there is any visible damage to it.

Luckily, the belt on a Toro lawn tractor can be replaced in a matter of minutes with a few basic tools.

  1. Lower the deck lift lever to its lowest notch to lower the tractor's deck.

  2. Unscrew the screws that secure the belt guards to the deck and remove the deck guards.

  3. Loosen the bolt that secures the pivoting idler pulley to the idler bracket. Do not remove this bolt.

  4. Set a 3/8-inch drive ratchet to tighten and insert it into the hole on the idler bracket. Turn the drive ratchet to loosen the belt.

  5. Remove the belt from the left-hand spindle pulley first. Then, remove the belt from the rest of the pulleys.

  6. Guide the new belt around the pulleys. Set the ratchet to loosen and tighten the belt via the hole in the idler bracket. Tighten the pivoting idler pulley bolt and secure the belt guards with the screws you removed in Step 2. Raise the deck up to its normal position.