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How to Clean Evergrain Decking

Shelley Marie

EverGrain composite decking is compression molded and designed to mimic the look of natural wood in a variety of colors. EverGrain decking is lower maintenance than traditional wood because it doesn't require painting and staining, and it resists rotting, insects and splintering. EverGrain decking only requires cleaning twice a year to keep it looking its best. Use products designed specifically for deck cleaning, and avoid using a hose nozzle that exceeds 1000 psi to prevent damage to your deck and to bring out its color and texture.

  1. Move any items off the deck before cleaning.

  2. Rinse the deck thoroughly with a garden hose, using a fan tipped nozzle.

  3. Fill a pump sprayer with multi-purpose deck cleaner, or mildew-removing deck cleaner if the deck has mildew growth.

  4. Spray the deck evenly with the cleaner. Allow it to sit for 15 minutes. Scrub the deck lightly with a soft brush to remove any tough dirt or mildew.

  5. Rinse the deck thoroughly with the garden hose to remove all traces of deck cleaner. Allow the deck to air dry.