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How to Remove Deck Nails

Cody Sorensen

Loose deck nails can allow deck boards to warp and present a tripping hazard. As a deck ages, the foot traffic causes boards to move slightly. This movement can cause the nails in the nail holes to move as well. This movement enlarges the holes the nails are in and causes the nails to inch up out of the holes. Consider removing the deck nails and replacing them with screws to help keep your loose boards fixed tight to the floor joists.

Deck nails can be pulled using a nail puller.
  1. Lay the blade of a putty knife flush on the deck with the end of the blade nearest the nail head.

  2. Position a nail puller (cat's paw) so that the claw faces the nail head. Angle the nail puller down beneath the nail head. Tap the backside of the nail puller with a hammer until the shank of the nail slides in between the claws of the nail puller.

  3. Pry the nail puller back towards the handle of the putty knife to lift the nail out of the deck board.