How to Rid Your Yard of Snakes

For anyone going into the yard and encountering a large snake, getting rid of snakes from your yard is probably going to be your next project. Here are some common ways to keep these unwanted reptiles from infringing onto your property.

Unwelcome snake in your yard
  1. Keep the grass in your yard cut short and often. Snakes like to hide out in taller grass. By keeping your yard cut, it will keep down the temptation for them to wander into your yard.

  2. Clear your yard of clutter. Do not store and keep "junk" items around, as these are perfect places for snakes to crawl into to take cover and hide. Be careful around items that you have no choice but to store outside, such as woodpiles for fireplaces, etc. Snakes like shade, especially in the hot months.

  3. Spreading moth balls around might be a snake deterrent. Moth balls would be a cheap way to keep snakes out of your yard. Keep in mind, however, that using moth balls in the yard might not be the best thing if you have small children or dogs that might want to eat the moth balls.

  4. Eliminating outside bugs and rodents is another way to keep snakes away, as this is their source of food. Exterminating around your house outside will help in the bug population in your yard. Another option could be to get an outside cat. Cats keep the rodent population down, thereby giving snakes no reason to stay in your yard looking for food for long.

  5. A last, more expensive and time consuming option for ridding your yard of snakes would be some type of vibration device made to repel snakes. If you have a big problem with snakes and some of the easier, cheaper methods do not work, it might be worth looking into this.


Anytime you encounter a snake in your yard, even if it looks small and innocent, use caution around it. Most snakes will retreat when threatened, but some will strike out. If you are ever bit, seek medical attention immediately.