How to Do It Yourself, Pest Control With Mothballs

Do it yourself pest control can be as simple as buying a box of mothballs. Used correctly and in proportion, it can be worth it's weight in gold. Rid your home and yard of unwanted creatures for several bucks.

Take back your home and garden using something as simple as mothballs.

Take back your territory and say goodbye to those unwelcome critters that creep into your home and yard.

Find out how to save money, time and frustration by doing it yourself.


Pick up a box in the grocery store and save, unopened. You have instant rat, snake and flea control, without calling anyone.


Keep away from children. Don't place mothballs in an open area in your home.

    Mothballs work for fleas.
  1. Use mothballs as a do it yourself pest control for fleas. Place several mothballs in the vacuum cleaner bag. At first sight of fleas in your home, vacuum rugs and carpet.

  2. If you have an attachment, vacuum sofa cushions also. Discard the old bag, taking it out of the house. If you don't, the fleas lay eggs, hatch in your vacuum bag, and escape.

  3. The fumes kill the fleas in the bag. When used this way, the mothballs don't make your house smell.

  4. Get rid of unwanted critters from the pantry, under the sink or in the closet.
  5. Rid your home of mice or rats. Don't sprinkle an entire box in the problem area.

  6. Use just a few in an old container, such as an old butter bowl. The problem most people have with using mothballs is the smell.

  7. Remember to use them in proportion and remove once the pest problem is gone.

  8. Use mothballs under the house or in the attic.
  9. Use mothballs to rid your yard of snakes. Unlike other pests, snakes can't smell very well. However, mothballs work on snakes much like an unknown place (without a map) works on us.

  10. We get lost and confused, so we either keep driving or stop to ask for directions. Either way, we keep moving when we're lost. The same thing applies to a snake when using mothballs.

  11. If you're having to go under the house or up in the attic, put a container with several mothballs in the correct location a day ahead of time.