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How to Kill Ants With Crystals

Carole Ellis

If you have a serious ant problem but are concerned about using ant poison to get rid of your unwelcome guests, consider killing ants with borax crystals or diatomaceous earth. Both of these options are completely natural, but will kill the ants shortly after contact.

Of course, no one should knowingly ingest either of these compounds in large quantities, so do not eat your ant bait yourself or allow household pets to gorge on it.

  1. Observe the ants before taking action. Try to pinpoint as closely as possible where they are entering your house and the routes they are taking once they get inside.

  2. Spread the diatomaceous earth around the outside of your house. Diatomaceous earth has small silica crystals in the dirt. These crystals will actually slice up the ants if they walk over the earth. The earth will form a barrier around your home to prevent entry, and soon the ants will avoid it in order to avoid being killed. Many people also use this method in gardens and flowerbeds.

  3. Alternatively, mix up a borax-crystal and sugar mix. Use about a cup of borax crystals and a cup of plain white sugar. You can dump both items in a zip-lock bag and shake them up to mix them thoroughly.

  4. Spread your borax-crystal bait across doorways and window sills. Make sure that you place it where the ants will easily come across it. You can use your knowledge of the ants' routes and habits to make sure they will have no trouble finding your crystal bait. When the ants eat the sugar and borax mixture, it will desiccate them and they will expire in short order.

  5. Replenish your crystal ant-killers regularly until your ants are gone. If you have a serious infestation you may have to treat your home and the surrounding area several times before you get the problem entirely under control.

  6. Tip

    Some people prefer to mix the borax crystals with jelly, but this creates a sticky bait that has to be placed on note cards.