How to Make Homemade Ant Killer That Actually Works

Ants can be one of the most frustrating pests. When the warm weather arrives, so do these little buggers. They are small and their numbers are large. Some bite and others just crawl all over your countertops.

Ants congregate in your home during warmer months.

Some ant killers work automatically to decimate the ants with which they come in contact, while others -- baits -- are carried back to the ants' home and fed to other ants and, most importantly, the queen. While you can purchase chemicals specially mixed as ant killers, you likely already have key ingredients for homemade ant killer in your pantry or cleaning closet.


Rinse out any food containers or soda cans before tossing them in the garbage. Kill the first "scout" ant that you see. If he doesn't return, then a new one is sent out. This is a never ending battle, but you can keep them at bay. Remove any fruits or vegetables that have ripened. You can also mix a few drops of peppermint oil with water to keep them away from a garden without having any potentially harmful side effects. Try not to spray directly on edible foods as it may change the flavor.


Keep the borax, bleach or ammonia away from any pets or children as it is hazardous to their health.

  1. Combine a small amount of borax, sugar and hot water in a spray bottle and swirl, mixing thoroughly. Spray it on the ants.

  2. Combine a small amount of bleach with hot water in a spray bottle and swirl to mix thoroughly. Spray the ants with the solution.

  3. Spray ammonia or window cleaner onto the ants to effectively kill them.

  4. Leave a few pieces of instant oatmeal or grits out where the ants are appearing. Get it as close to the nest as possible. The ant will take it back to the nest and eat it. Once eaten the food expands, essentially popping the bug.