Homemade Termite Killer

Kay Wagers

You know that termites eat wood; they also eat anything with high enough levels of cellulose in it. This means termites in your home won’t just damage the wood; they could also cause harm to paper products, cloth and carpeting. Get rid of them to protect your home and your belongings.


Termites live in colonies, which are divided into different castes. The reproductive members of the colony create new members. The soldier termites protect the nest and the colony from attack. The worker termites are the ones that chew their way into your home and create tunnels within it, feeding on your house and damaging it. Termites are found throughout the United States and around the world. If you’ve spotted the tell-tale wood shaving piles or holes that termites leave behind, use a homemade compound to kill them.


Create your homemade termite killer using natural ingredients. Borax is a naturally occurring powdery substance. When termites ingest it, it acts as a stomach poison, preventing them from digesting other food and causing them to starve to death. Combine two parts borax, two parts confectioner’s sugar and one part cornmeal, mixing the three thoroughly. The sugar and cornmeal both attract termite workers. When they eat it, they can’t help ingesting the borax as well.


Sprinkle the homemade termite killing powder in areas where you’ve seen signs of the insects. Spreading the powder inside infected walls works well; so does dusting it over any path you know the termites take into your home. Reapply the mixture every week or so until all signs of termite activity cease. Try to keep children and pets away from the treated areas. While borax is relatively non-toxic for kids and pets, it can still make them sick to their stomachs if they eat it.


This termite killer works on other insects. It kills ants and cockroaches that investigate the sugar and eat some of the bait. While a homemade solution kills small, localized termite infestation, it is not an efficient way to get rid of a large-scale infestation. If you see signs of termites in multiple areas, contact an exterminator. Professionals have access to chemical solutions as well as stronger boron-based sprays, which are base on the same compound as borax.