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Lavender as an Ant Repellent

Jennifer Eblin

Once ants find a food source in your home, be it spills or leftover pet food, it’s difficult to keep the pests from coming back. Organic and natural repellents, such as lavender, repel ants by adding an unattractive scent to the area. Lavender ant repellents include both dried and liquid products.

Dried lavender and liquid lavender are both suitable ant repellents.

Dried Lavender

Lavender leaves repel household insects, according to the Norcross Wildlife Foundation. Sprinkle dried lavender around your home, in cabinets, on floors and anywhere you see ants.

Lavender Oil

If you know how the ants get into your home or you see an ant trail, mix one part lavender oil with ten parts olive oil and spray on the ant paths, recommends The University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute.

Lavender Plants

Lavender plants may help repel ants found outside the home, on your lawn and in your garden. Small lavender plants may also work inside the home.