How to Make Termite Baits With Boric Acid Powder

Charlie Higgins

Termites can be an irritating and destructive pest in your home. They feed on wood, paper and plant products, and can attack structural members made of wood such as foundations or floor members. Boric acid is a natural substance which is mined directly from the earth.

Termites can destroy timber elements of your home.

It is toxic to termites, shutting down their nervous system and ultimately killing them. Use boric acid baits to kill termites, ants, cockroaches and other bugs in your home.

  1. Mix a batch of bait mix, using equal parts sugar and boric acid.

  2. Pour the mixture into old jar lids or take-out food lids.

  3. Place the lids on the ground or floor around the infected area. Make sure the boric acid baits cannot be reached by children or pets.