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Orange Oil Used to Kill Black Widow Spiders

Amanda Flanigan

Instead of using expensive and dangerous pesticides to kill black widow spiders, choose a safer alternative. Many commercial insecticides do more harm than good. Fortunately, there are several all-natural options for pest control. Orange oil is one of those options. Orange oil eliminates black widows -- as well as other spider species -- without polluting your home, lawn and garden.

Orange Oil

The rinds of oranges feature hundreds of glands that produce oil. The oil extracted from the orange rinds, it becomes an essential oil. This orange essential oil features a pleasant, citrus aroma and is an alternative to harsh, toxic chemicals to control pest such as ants and black widow spiders. Orange essential oil is available at health food stores and various online merchants.

Black Widow Spiders

Featuring shiny black bodies with a bright red hourglass on the underside of its abdomen, black widow spiders strike fear in the hearts of many. However, only the female black widow features the hourglass markings. The bite from a black widow can cause serious injury and even death to children, elderly and those in poor health conditions. Like other spiders, you can find black widows in dark, isolated locations such as basements, garages and barns. Thick vegetation and tomato plants are also common hideouts for black widows.

Control Black Widows with Orange Oil

Fill a clean spray bottle with pure, undiluted orange oil. Go to the locations you have seen the black widows. When you find a black widow, spray it directly with the orange oil. The oil will kill the black widow without toxic chemicals. Walk around your home, lawn, outdoor structures and garden looking for the black widows. Repeat the process every few days until you have removed all traces of the spider.


A bite from a black widow can cause an all over achy feeling, particularly in the legs. The area around the bite will begin to swell and produce pain. The poison the black widow injects into the body can cause abdominal and muscle pain. If a black widow spider bites a person, seek medical attention immediately. When you find a web, knock it down with a broom or dust mop to help discourage spiders.