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How to Use Orange Oil for Mosquito Control

Erica Roth

Mosquitoes and summer are synonymous in many areas of the United States. Large populations of the pests can hamper your plans to picnic, swim and otherwise enjoy the outdoors. Orange oil is a natural ingredient that can deter mosquitoes from spoiling your fun.

Citrus oils have a low occurrence of side effects, according to Clemson University Cooperative Extension, and smell great.

  1. Make an orange-oil-and-vanilla solution that you can spray on your clothing to keep mosquitoes away. Combine 8 oz. water, 1 tsp. orange oil and 2 tsp. vanilla extract in a plastic spray bottle. Shake to mix all ingredients and spray on your body and surroundings as needed. Increase the water content if you experience skin irritation from the orange oil.

  2. Zest whole oranges with a microplane and collect the shavings of peel on small squares of aluminum foil. Place the squares on your deck or other areas in which you experience large infestations of mosquitoes. A 2010 issue of Eucalyptus Magazine states that the orange peel releases its oils when zested and can be easily distributed around your home without harming your children or pets.

  3. Choose commercial insecticides or pest-control companies that work with non- or less-toxic solutions to keep bugs away if you need to treat larger areas of mosquito-ridden land. Clemson University Cooperative Extension explains that insecticides that contain a chemical called limonene can be used liberally to control mosquitoes; the substance is created from the oils derived from orange and other fruit peels. Spray as directed on the bottle, usually every few days until the mosquito population has visibly died off.