How to Get Rid of Stinkbugs in Your Car Naturally

Esperance Barretto

Stinkbugs, as their name denotes, emit a terrible odor in self-defense when threatened. Though harmless to humans, these slow-moving beetles can invade homes and cars in search of warmth and shelter, proliferate and turn into pests.

Use strong floral scents to repel stinkbugs naturally.

Within cars, stinkbugs tend to inhabit the inner portion of doors and the areas between weather stripping. You can use natural solutions to rid stinkbugs from your car and prevent them from re-entering. Unlike commercial insecticides, natural stinkbug repellents cause no harm to people, pets or the environment.

  1. Sprinkle diatomaceous earth powder in areas of your car inhabited by stinkbugs. Diatomaceous earth is harmless to humans but toxic to stinkbugs. Stinkbugs that come in contact with this powder experience dehydration and die.

  2. Apply essential oils of eucalyptus, cedar or clove in the areas of your car where you observe stinkbugs. Stinkbugs dislike the woody odors of eucalyptus and cedar.

  3. Place floral potpourris that contain chrysanthemums, marigolds and lavender on the dashboard in your car. Stinkbugs are repelled by the powerful fragrance of these flowers.

  4. Examine the doors and windows of your car for any gaps or crevices through which stinkbugs can enter. Use caulk to seal any gaps you find. This will prevent stinkbugs from entering your car.

  5. Tip

    Keep your car lights switched off when you do not require them. Stinkbugs are attracted to any light source.