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Mothballs as a Rat Deterrent

Mark Weil
Table of Contents

Rats are often a nuisance to us on many levels. They are capable of infesting outdoor and indoor locations. A variety of measures can be employed to deter rats from a house, with mothballs being an effective and cheap option.

Deterring rats away from your home with mothballs is effective and inexpensive.


Mothballs have a strong odor that rats do not like. Placing mothballs in areas that are believed to be infested with rats can drive them out of their location, forcing them to find a new place to breed.


The chemicals in mothballs are fumigants that must be present in high concentrations to be effective as a rat deterrent, but that can be dangerous for anyone exposed to them.

Other Deterrents

Toilet bowl cleaner, cat litter and pellets with the scent of rat predators are also used to deter rats.


A safer way of preventing rats from entering your home may be with the use of an ultrasonic rat repellent machine. This ultrasonic sound is not able to be heard by anything other than rats and is designed so that the sound is always bothersome.


Mothballs are made from two very toxic chemicals, and it is no longer recommend that they be used as rat deterrents, as there are now safer and more effective alternatives.

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