How to Use Mothballs as Snake Repellent

How to Use Mothballs as Snake Repellent. Although most people use mothballs to deter moths from eating their favorite wool sweaters, some use them as a snake deterrent in the yard or garden. Though they work great for repelling moths, their ability to deter snakes is debatable.

They also pose a safety risk for other birds and wildlife. Gather some facts and make up your own mind about whether or not to try them.

  1. Check out the ingredients used to make the two different types of mothballs. Paradichlorobenzene and naphthalene are both toxic to humans and animals. For this reason, keep them away from pets and children and only used in a well-ventilated area.

  2. Look for a commercial product containing naphthalene and sulfur crystals that claims to repel two species of snakes. Reapply this product often and apply it in a thick line around your perimeter.

  3. Store mothballs in doubled plastic bags when you aren't using them, and when disposing of them, contact your local hazardous waste collection program for instructions.

  4. Consider other less toxic ways to repel snakes since they may not be able to smell the mothballs anyway. Make your yard less appealing to them by eliminating debris, such as woodpiles, rock piles, old tires and underbrush. Keep flowerbeds and shrubs well groomed, your yard mowed and free from ground cover where snakes love to hide.