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How to Dye Naugahyde

Eva Talent

Naugahyde is a blend of plastic and vinyl; it's most commonly used on furniture and vehicle interiors. Since it is not an ordinary fabric, it must be dyed using products designed to color vinyl. Vinyl dyes are somewhat similar to paints — they must be brushed or sprayed onto the fabric instead of soaked.

Old Naugahyde furniture might need to be "freshened" using vinyl dye.

You may not be able to achieve a complete color overhaul when dyeing Naugahyde, but you can change the tint and shade of the existing color.

  1. Clean the Naugahyde using water and a soft cloth. Dust and dirt will prevent the dye from sticking to the Naugahyde. The manufacturers of Naugahyde recommend avoiding chemical products because they may not be compatible with vinyl; if you choose to use chemicals, they suggest testing them on a small area that isn't visible first.

  2. Shake the can of vinyl dye according to the manufacturer's directions. If your dye did not come in an aerosol can, stir it thoroughly using the handle of a paintbrush. Wipe the handle clean after you stir the dye.

  3. Put on a breathing mask to help prevent inhalation of toxic fumes. Wear rubber gloves to avoid getting vinyl dye on your hands.

  4. Press the nozzle of the spray can and move your hand in short, sweeping motions over the Naugahyde to get even coverage. Do not over-spray. Over-spraying results in drops of dye forming, which will run down and ruin the appearance of the dye. If you notice drops of dye forming, stop spraying and spread them out with a paint brush.

  5. Allow the dye to dry for the amount of time specified by the manufacturer. Different brands of dyes take various amounts of time to dry.

  6. Spray multiple coats of dye over the Naugahyde if necessary. The number of coats you need depends on your personal preference and the shade you are trying to achieve. Wait until the previous coat has dried thoroughly before spraying a fresh coat.