How to Remove Tarnish From Old Dresser Handles

Lanh Ma

Tarnish causes metal hardware to look worn and tired. If you have noticed that your dresser handles are looking dark and dull, take the time to remove the tarnish. Use a simple paste to remove the tarnish safely and without scrubbing.

Keep your drawer handles looking elegant by removing the tarnish.

Clean your old dresser handles and remove all the tarnish that prevents your furniture from looking its best.

  1. Remove the dresser handles by unscrewing them from the dresser doors with a screwdriver.

  2. Mix equal amounts of salt, white vinegar and flour in a bowl, creating a paste; 1/4 cup of each ingredient is enough for one piece of furniture.

  3. Spread newspaper over your working area.

  4. Brush a thick coating of the paste onto the drawer handles using a toothbrush.

  5. Set the drawer handles on the newspaper to dry overnight.

  6. Rinse the paste away under cool water. The tarnish will be gone.

  7. Pat the drawer handles dry with a soft cloth and reattach to the dresser.