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How to Use Newspapers as Wallpaper

Glenna Parks

Give your room a unique vibe with newspaper as wallpaper. Finding newsprint is easy and a great way to organize your thoughts or create a collection of favorite stories or topics. Collect mastheads to show off where you've traveled or showcase important dates in your life.

Stack of news papers


Create a chair rail or border by using colorful ads or graphics from magazines included in your newspaper. Remove outlet plates and vent grates before papering. Overlap sections for an informal look. To keep the room formal, use similar-sized pieces and hang them uniformly in rows and columns.

Start with a statement wall or paper a small room like the kitchen or bathroom and you'll be a wallpapering expert in no time. Tools needed for this project can be found at your local hardware or home improvement store.

    News paper
  1. Get old newspapers by the stack at your local newspaper office or save papers as they are delivered. Ask your neighbors to save theirs. See if the local library will hold old issues for you to pick up.

  2. Mother and son reading paper
  3. Look through the newspapers. Choose a theme or select pages randomly. You may choose to use all small text, mostly headlines, all comics or the puzzle section. Think about the room the wallpaper will be in and choose accordingly. For example, the food section would make an excellent backdrop for the kitchen.

  4. Scissors and measuring tape
  5. Cut out the sections you want to paper the walls. Measure the room to ensure you have enough newsprint.

  6. Man applying wallpaper glue
  7. If you'd like the paper to be permanent, brush or sponge the back of the newsprint with polyurethane. Place the paper on the wall, smoothing out wrinkles. Repeat until the wall or room is completely papered. For an apartment or those who can't make up their decorating mind, set double-sided tape on the back corners of each sheet to place on the wall. This ensures easy removal and no damage to the wall when you'd like to remove the newspaper.

  8. Utility knife
  9. Remove extra pieces over trim or windows with a utility knife.

  10. Polyurethane
  11. Brush or sponge a finishing layer of polyurethane onto the completed wall(s). Doing so even on the taped newspaper gives the wall a nice sheen while minimizing newsprint transfer to items touching the wall.