How to Choose Flannel Sheets

Lynn Burbeck

In the winter months, putting flannel sheets on your bed will help keep you toasty warm--even when the outside temperature is freezing cold. High-quality flannel sheets will also help keep your energy usage down, by allowing you to lower the nighttime temperature in your home while you and your family are asleep.

When purchasing flannel sheets, it is important to choose high-quality sheets that will wear well while keeping your bed well insulated.

  1. Shop for flannel sheets that are made from 100 percent cotton, which will provide the most comfort and warmth during the winter months. They are also hypo-allergenic--an important quality for those individuals who are are allergic to synthetic materials.

  2. Hold the sheets up to the light to make sure they are tightly woven. If they are high-quality flannel sheets, you will not be able to see through them. If the sheets are wrapped tightly in plastic, look for a store display where you can touch and look at the sheets prior to purchase.

  3. Read the labels to find flannel sheets that are made from yarn-died fabric. These sheets are usually a higher quality than printed sheets and will look new longer without fading. When looking at the sheets, you'll notice that yarn-died fabric shows the flannel sheet pattern on both sides of the sheet, whereas printed fabric only has a pattern on one side.

  4. Look at the fabric rating when purchasing flannel sheets--not the thread count. For the highest quality flannel sheets aim for a fabric rating of at least a five or a six.

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