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How to Reduce Wrinkles With a Maytag Bravos Washer

Elizabeth Carrillo

Today's Maytag Bravo washer bears little resemblance to the first washer built by Frederick Louis Maytag in 1907. While washing machines have greatly evolved over the century, some nuisances remain, such as stubborn wrinkles. Observe these steps to ensure getting the most from your wrinkle control feature when using your Maytag Bravo.

Do less ironing by correctly using a Bravo washer.
  1. Select the wrinkle control feature. The wrinkle control works best with permanent press items.

  2. Reduce spin speeds. Decreased spin speeds result in less wrinkles and tangles.

  3. Choose the correct soil load for the cycle. A higher soil level means more movement for the load. A less soiled load results in less movement and diminishes wrinkles.

  4. Be aware of water temperature. For most clothes, a warm water setting is best against wrinkles.

  5. Combine different types of clothes styles in the wash, such as long sleeve shirts with short sleeve shirts. A load with the only same style increases opportunities for clothes to knot together and wrinkle. The different styles allow the clothes to move more freely during the wash. Do not mix sheets in with clothing; sheets should be a separate wash.

  6. Fill the washer evenly and don't pack the items. The more tightly the items are packed in, the higher the possibility for wrinkles.