How to Make Your Own Neo Angle Shower Curtain Rod

Erin Ringwald

Neo Angle curtain rods extend out from the wall for non-standard-shaped showers or on a standard shower to keep the curtain from billowing inward. The rods are effective and easy to find at retail stores. However, the problem with buying a Neo Angle curtain rod is the cost.

PVC is usually white; however, you can get it in different colors as well.

As of 2011, these rods cost up to a couple hundred dollars depending on the look you want. If you want the benefits of a Neo Angle curtain rod without the price tag, make your own.


If desired, use PVC glue on the ends of the pipes before putting the fittings on. Use colored PVC, or spray paint the PVC as desired. Have the hardware store cut the PVC for you, or cut it yourself using a PVC cutter.

  1. Place a 45-degree-angle PVC fitting on either end of a 26-by-1-inch PVC pipe. To put the fittings on the pipe, push the pipe into the joints. If necessary, use a rubber mallet to tap the fittings on. Adjust the 45-degree-angle fittings to point the same direction.

  2. Insert a 30-by-1-inch PVC pipe into each of the open ends of the two 45-degree-angle fittings.

  3. Hold the PVC up where you want to hang it. Although you can place it at different heights, for best results place the ends 73 inches above the ground. Rest both ends of the pipes against the walls on either side of the shower. Use a pencil to draw a circle around the end of the pipes on the wall. Place a level in the center of the 26-inch pipe extending upward to the ceiling. Mark the end of the level on the ceiling.

  4. Insert an eye bolt into the ceiling where you marked the end of the level. If necessary, make a pilot hole to start the bolt.

  5. Place a PVC closet flange on each marked circle on each wall. Secure the closet flanges in place using one screw through each of the screw holes.

  6. Lift the PVC structure up to the closet flanges. Insert the end of the PVC pipes into the two flanges. Have someone hold the structure in place.

  7. Cut a piece of nylon cording that is two times the distance from the bottom of the 26-inch pipe to the ceiling. Loop the cording around the underside of the pipe. Feed one end of the cording through the eye bolt and out the other side. Tie the ends of the cording together to secure the rod.