How to Make a Bed Canopy for a Little Girl

Elizabeth Tumbarello

Bed canopies originally served a functional purpose -- blocking out drafty winds, insects and other nuisances that can interrupt a good night's sleep. Today's canopies don't serve quite the same function. Instead, they're primarily used for decorative purposes.

Hang a hula hoop and fabric over the center of the bed.

Transform a little girl's room into a suite fit for a princess by encircling her bed with a canopy. The decorative possibilities are limitless and assembling a bed canopy requires little in the way of materials and sewing skills.

  1. Find the center of the bed. Stand on the bed and mark this spot on the ceiling with a pencil.

  2. Screw the chandelier hook into the ceiling over the pencil mark. Since the chandelier hook will hold lightweight fabric, it is not necessary to further anchor the hook.

  3. Lay 8 yards of tulle fabric out on a flat surface. Cut the tulle lengthwise into 6-inch wide strips. The strips measure 8 yards by 6 inches.

  4. Wrap the end of one tulle strip over the hula hoop, just enough to form a loop or pocket over the hoop. Glue or sew the tulle in place.

  5. Affix all the strips of tulle from the hula hoop in the same manner as the first.

  6. Cut six pieces of florist wire to a length of 1 foot each.

  7. Hook the strips of florist wire around the hula hoop at equidistant points around the edge of the hoop. Loop the florist wire over the hoop, forming a hook shape. Take the shorter end of the hook and wrap it around the longer end of the wire to create a secure attachment.

  8. Manipulate the florist wires so they lay in center of the hoop, creating a figure reminiscent of the spokes of a wheel. Twist the wires around each other to make a knot or bundle shape.

  9. Wrap the florist wire with green floral tape. Glue silk or fabric flowers over the floral tape, covering the wire and tape completely. Glue flowers to random spots on the tulle fabric, if desired.

  10. Slide the bundled wire over the chandelier hook. Make sure the hook grasps the center of the wires.

  11. Arrange the tulle fabric around the bed in a manner you find pleasing.


Experiment with other lightweight fabrics to create a canopy. Tulle netting does not unravel, meaning it does not need to be hemmed or treated. Other fabrics may need special care in this regard. Substitute charms in place of the flowers. Use star charms for a celestial theme or animal charms for a jungle-themed room. You are only limited by your imagination and materials.


Fabric of any sort can be considered a fire hazard. Keep canopy fabric away from heaters, open flames and other sources of combustion.