How to Wrap Curtains Around Curtain Rods

Katherine Harder

If you already have blinds or a shade covering your windows, you can hang your curtains for decorative effect instead of hanging them for privacy or light control. Cut your costs and effort by wrapping your curtains around the rod rather than attaching them to clips or rings.

To soften its edges, frame a window that's already covered in blinds with a wrapped window treatment.

Also known as a scarf window treatment, this style creates a curtain-plus-valance effect, and requires no sewing. This inexpensive window treatment style completely frames your window and looks elegant and soft.


Lightweight fabrics such as silk or polyester charmeuse lend themselves well to draped window treatments. You’ll get the best results from woven fabrics that look attractive from both sides.

  1. Lay your two curtain panels in front of you, with the patterned or colored sides facing down. (The patterned or colored side is usually referred to as the “right” side; the other side is the “wrong” side.) Arrange the panels so they sit horizontally with their two top edges meeting in front of you and matched up exactly.

  2. Using a fabric marker, mark a vertical line 1 inch inside from each panel’s meeting edges. Pin together the panels along these lines after pulling up the edges so the two “good” sides meet. You’ve just created a 1 inch seam.

  3. Insert your fusible hem tape into the seam as far as you can go; the pins will keep you from going more than 1 inch. Heat up your iron and lay your seam onto your ironing board. Apply heat to the seam. This will activate the adhesive and glue to two panels together. Allow the seam to cool before removing your pins. You now have one extra-long curtain panel.

  4. Pull your long curtain over your pre-installed curtain rod. Pull down on one side of the curtain until both sides fall in equal lengths on either side of the rod. Grab one end of the panel and pull it back up and over the rod. Grab the section that now sits draped over the center of the rod and pull it down decoratively, creating a crescent-shaped swoop or “swag.” Pull on both ends of the panel until they drape evenly.

  5. Grab one end of the panel and pull it up and over the rod’s bracket and down the other side. Pull it back through the loop you just created to tie it onto the rod with a simple knot. Repeat the process with the other side to complete your scarf-like, wrapped window treatment.