How to Rewire an Old Chandelier

How to Rewire an Old Chandelier. An antique or old chandelier may need rewiring over time. Rewiring a chandelier is similar to rewiring any ceiling fixture, however the chandelier requires two people to complete the job. Rewiring a chandelier allow the owner to use this beautiful piece for many years.

  1. Turn off the electricity to the room before starting this project. Test the electricity in the room to make sure there is no current running to the sockets.

  2. Detach the bulb and sleeve from the socket of the broken side of the chandelier. If more than one arm of the chandelier is not working, remove the non-working sockets and bulbs. Detach the wires from the sockets and thermal screws.

  3. Purchase new sockets for the chandelier. Take the old ones to the hardware store with you to make sure you get the same size and rating.

  4. Remove the decorative cap in the center of the chandelier that faces downward. Detach the wires from the chandelier arm and main core wires.

  5. Feed new wires into the arms of the chandelier by attaching the old wires to the new wires with electrical tape. Pull the older wires through the arm to feed the new wires into the arms. Repeat for any other broken arms. Take the tape off and remove the old wires.

  6. Connect the new black wires to the main core wires of the chandelier and cap them off with wire caps. Repeat connecting the white wires with the white core wires.

  7. Screw the chandelier cap back onto the bottom of the chandelier. Attach the new sockets to the chandelier arms. Replace the bulbs and turn the electricity back on.