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How to Remove Skateboard Wax Off of Concrete

Jeffrey Brian Airman

You can completely remove skateboarder-applied candle wax from the surface of a concrete curb. Paraffin candle wax reduces friction when skateboarders slide their boards on concrete. Many skateboarders leave the waxed concrete behind when they are finished skating for the day.

Waxing a curb also protects the painted graphics on a skateboard.

Multiple applications create a thick layer of wax that can prove to be a dangerous, slippery walking hazard. Clean away skateboard wax from concrete to restore the look and safety of the urban environment for all patrons.

  1. Scrape the majority of the skateboard wax off the concrete by running the sharp edge of the paint scraper parallel to the hard surface. Run the tip of the scraper's corner into small cracks in the concrete to push out the wax.

  2. Brush the surface of the concrete with a wire brush that has sturdy bristles. Work the bristles into the concrete in a tight circular motion while applying medium pressure until all the skateboard wax is removed. Candle-wax removing, freeze spray makes the brushing process faster and easier.

  3. Employ a power washer or steam cleaner to blast away skateboard wax that has seeped into the porous concrete. The hot moisture reaches the embedded wax and melts it out so it can be quickly wiped away with a cloth.

  4. Sweep up all the wax shavings to leave behind a clean and wax-free concrete surface. Any small pieces left behind will melt in the sun and stain the concrete again.


Consider installing metal tabs that prevent slides and "No Skateboarding" signs if skateboarders wax a concrete surface after you clean it.


Commercial sandblasters blast wax from concrete surfaces, but they may damage the surface in the process.