Issues With a Sloped Driveway

Kristine Tucker

A sloped driveway is an attractive addition to your home, but it can also cause unwanted problems. A sloped driveway can make travel difficult and can limit access to your garage, parking areas and entryways making it unsafe for visitors.

A sloped driveway can crack.

Sloped driveways are susceptible to erosion and can lead to drainage problems in low-lying areas of your home. Many of these problems can be solved by hiring professionals to construct, repair or regrade your driveway.

Limited Access

A sloped driveway offers limited access to your home. A steep driveway does not provide commercial trucks, landscaping crews or emergency vehicles adequate space to maneuver around your home. It is difficult for large vehicles and inexperienced drivers to back up on a sloped driveway. If you have a long sloped driveway with plush landscaping, visibility can be restricted. A sloped driveway can also limit your available parking space.

Slope Instability

The soil beneath a sloped driveway can erode and shift, causing damage to your cement, blacktop or foundation. According to the LeHigh Valley Planning Commission in Pennsylvania, shifting foundations and cracked pavement on roadways result from slope instability. Excessive rainfall can cause portions of your driveway to crack and deteriorate over time.

Inclement Weather

Poor weather conditions can make travel on a sloped driveway difficult and hazardous. If you do not properly treat snow and ice on a steep driveway, slippage is possible. This can be dangerous for pedestrians, drivers and vehicles. With a sloped driveway, traction is limited and gravity can force your vehicle to spin or slide backwards down the hill.


An improperly graded and constructed driveway is susceptible to drainage issues. Water can puddle and accumulate at the base of the driveway eventually leading to deterioration. Excess water can also gather along the sides of the roadway, saturating your landscaping and potentially leading to water damage in your garage or house. A sloped driveway can be accommodated with French drains to alleviate some of these problems.